15 Fashion NFT Projects for Long-term Sales Growth 【2024】

Check out the top 15 fashion NFT projects for your inspiration and long-term high returns. Double net income with fashion NFT projects in 2024.

What are fashion NFT projects? They often comes in various forms, including wearable NFTs in the Metaverse, digital content that owners can interact with, exclusive avatar collectibles, and more. The Vogue Business Index reports that about 17% of the brands it studied partnered with NFTs in 2021. The entire fashion industry, from haute couture to street apparel, generated over $2.5 billion in sales in the first half of 2021. This trend will only grow in 2023 and beyond, as designers and brands embrace virtual runways and digital experiences. Morgan Stanley also reports that the luxury NFT market is expected to grow to $25 billion. Here are the top 15 most popular fashion NFT projects for your reference.

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Amid store closures and fashion show cancellations during the pandemic, brands turned to visual experiences like AR, VR, MR, and NFT collectibles to connect with consumers and generate revenue. The NFT market growth in the fashion industry highlights consumer demand for virtual fashion as well as immersive digital experiences. There are four major advantages for us to create digital fashion NFT:

Digital Fashion NFT

Buy Wearable NFT as Your Self-Expression

Purchase fashionable wearable NFTs for your virtual world or gaming avatar as a form of self-expression and to enhance your avatar abilities. 

Increase Brand Awareness with NFT Marketing

Many apparel companies are creating their own NFT collections to launch or place on dApps, helping them build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and play a role in larger marketing campaigns.

Mint and Sell NFT Fashion for Profit

Users can buy and sell fashion NFT projects with the help of blockchain technology, which comes with transparent ownership history that can’t be edited. Anyone can mint NFTs without gas fee and sell them for profit, or buy NFTs to build valuable collections.

Earn Up to 50% Royalties through Smart Contracts

NFT creators can earn royalties through smart contracts. When a company creates a series of NFTs, it will earn a percentage of the sale price in perpetuity each time the NFTs are sold on the secondary market. Moreover, royalties in some of the NFT marketplaces can be as high as 50 percent.

Top 15 Fashion NFT Projects for Your Inspiration & Sales Growth

If a clothing brand releases a limited edition collection in the game of the virtual world, the player jumps at the chance to be one of the few people who own this official item in the Metaverse. NFT fashion ultimately exist beyond the physical realm to provide consumers with unique “physical” experiences. They also undoubtedly increase brand awareness and sales conversion for brands. 

Fashion NFT Projects

Luxury brands ranging from Dolce & Gabbana to Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have been actively investing time and money into the digital space, exploring ways to bring NFT trends into their marketing efforts. Here are the top 15 NFT fashion design from top luxury brands. Hope these works will inspire your creativity and increase your personal income or business sales.

1. Nike X RTFKT NFT Sneakers: $3.1 Million Net

In December 2021, Nike acquired RTFKT, a well-known fashion collectibles and virtual sneaker site for gaming companies. Earlier that year, RTFKT teamed up with a young artist FEWOCiOUS to produce digital sneakers and managed to net more than $3.1 million from selling about 600 pairs of NTF shoes in six minutes. 

Nike X RTFKT NFT Sneakers

Nike also released its special edition Flying Formation Air Max 1 shoes and mints of limited NFT shoes in 2022. It partnered with online gaming platform Roblox to develop a virtual world called Nikeland in which players can wear their digital Nike sneakers. In short, the brand uses the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise, to create one-of-a-kind sneakers and digital artifacts for consumers.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Genesis Collection: $6.1 Million in Value

Dolce & Gabbana sold nine pieces of stylish digital fashion NFTs called the Genesis Collection by auction for $5.7 million, including three crowns, a complete suit, three jackets, and two dresses in gold and silver. Soon after, the cryptocurrency value surged 10 percent, boosting the value of the collection to $6.1 million.

Dolce & Gabbana NFT Fashion

These NFT collectibles were displayed in the Ethereum Polygon based on the UNXD marketplace. It included both virtual and physical design and creations. One of the physical dresses, designed by Dolce & Gabbana and by UNXD, sold for about $820,000.

3. Gucci Fashion NFT Metaverse: Sold for $25,000

Gucci marked its 100th anniversary in June by selling its iconic NFT Aria Collection at Christie’s for $25,000. This is Gucci’s first official NFT, in the form of a short film that includes an upcoming collaboration with Balenciaga, creating a historic moment for the storied brand. All proceeds will be donated to UNICEF USA.

Gucci Fashion NFT Metaverse

The luxury house also launched a new metaverse product called Vault Art Space. The first exhibition, titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” pays homage to the brand’s heritage while also pushing deeper into the digital realm. Created in collaboration with the best NFT marketplace SuperRare, the exhibition features 29 digital artists interpreting the Gucci brand in their own unique style. The first artworks are from eBoy, Alanna Vanacore, An Chen, Sasha Katz and Kris Andrew Small.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo Launchs an Immersive NFT Booth

As a new retail experience and creativity hub, Ferragamo’s new Soho store at 63 Green Street celebrates its new location by launching its NFT booth and Hologram Sneaker customization tool. Firstly, the fashion NFT projects are free and designed to welcome new community members into the experience. Second, the physical world and Web3 digital realm merge in a new immersive installation where visitors will be invited to choose from a range of backgrounds specially designed by Shxpir to mint their unique artwork on the Ethereum blockchain via OpenSea. 

Salvatore Ferragamo NFT Booth

Ferragamo also produced a limited edition capsule collection, with all proceeds donated to the LGBTQ+ organization, The Center. Also, the store’s hologram station allows consumers to digitally customize their new 6R3ENE sneakers.

5. Burberry X Mythical Games: Blankos Block Party NFT

With its flagship title Blankos Block Party, Burberry teamed up with Mythical Games to create an NFT collection and a bespoke social community for users to get together in the digital world. It’s a breakthrough multiplayer party game featuring digital vinyl toys called Blankos that exist on a blockchain, providing players with proven proof of ownership and authenticity. 

Burberry Fashion NFT

This NFT features a cheeky mythological character named Minny B wrapped in Burberry’s new TB Summer Monogram print. As part of thecollection, Burberry also launched its own brand of in-game NFT accessories, including jetpacks, armbands and pool shoes, which players can apply to any of their Blanko. Burberry’s new virtual community, “The Oasis”, is a game where players can enjoy digital beaches and branded sailboats, and connect with other customers. In addition, the NFT collection was available for in-game purchases to all Blankos Block Party players worldwide on June 22, 2022. 

6. adidas for Prada re-source Fashion NFT Projects

adidas and Prada collaborated with digital artist Zach Lieberman for the adidas for Prada re-source project, which aims to bring together participants in fashion, design and crypto to create a large-scale digital artwork inspired by the physical Re-Nylon collection.

Fashion NFT

This NFT collaboration will feature user-generated and creator-owned art. They will invite their collective audience to contribute unique anonymous photos to the open Metaverse NFT project. 3,000 pieces of artwork from the community will be minted as NFTs and compiled as tiles into a single mass-patchwork NFT designed by Zach Lieberman. adidas and Prada will put Lieberman’s final NFT up for auction at SuperRare. The proceeds will be donated to charity and distributed to artists and community creators.

7. Overpriced Hoodie: Sold for $26,000 at Auction

Overpriced aims to be the first NFT fashion brand so far, founded by a group of artists who are reinventing the idea of physical fashion through digital fashion. The Overpriced NFT-associated hoodie sold for $26,000 at auction on Blockparty.co. Its logo is engraved in neon green color font. 

Overpriced Hoodie

Each hoodie comes with a special V-code that will be invalidated if it’s stolen or defaced. The black digital hoodie is not only a virtual wear, but also a physical copy, which is a testament to how far the virtual world of fashion can go.

8. Chito x Givenchy NFT Fashion Design

Givenchy, the French fashion house owned by LVMH, has teamed up with Mexican airbrush artist Chito to create an exclusive collection of 15 NFTs. The “Chito x Givenchy NFT” collection contains a series of cartoon characters and symbols, some of which are animated, while others bear the Givenchy logo. On January 23, the work was available on OpenSea, the NFT auction platform. Bidding closed in seven days, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale going to “Givenchy’s Long-term Preferred Foundation”.

Chito x Givenchy NFT

The collaboration, a follow-up to the fashion house’s Spring 2022 pre-collection, saw designer Matthew M. Williams commission Chito to create a series of graphic prints for his streetwear adjacent pieces and accessories. Some of these prints are now offered as unique fashion NFT that collectors can label as their online avatars of PFPs.

9. Louis: The Game – 2 Million Downloads

Following the launch of Louis: The Game last August, which rewarded players with the chance to win a historical postcard NFT, Louis Vuitton is adding new content to its app that once again inspires players to learn about its history by winning NFT rewards. Similar to the first iteration, players who reach a certain threshold will have the opportunity to qualify for the NFT draw. The raffle gave away a total of 10 new NFTs, which feature the game character, Vivienne, an anthropomorphic representation of the company’s monogram. These fashion NFT projects depict Vivienne in a variety of appearances, and can be cross-ported and used as an avatar on social networks, similar to an LV PFP.

Louis Vuitton Fashion NFT Projects

This NFT fashion design can improve engagement and affinity among young consumers while testing the virtual world. PFP has also become a digital badge of honor that shows status, community and cultural relevance. Louis Vuitton has gained more control over its environment and avoided pricing its digital merchandise by creating its own games, rewarding players for their knowledge of its history. The NFT game is available on Android and Apple and has been downloaded 2 million times, according to the brand.

10. Prada Timecapsule NFT Drop – Double Net Income

In October, Prada released its fifth Timecapsule NFT collection, which blends digital and physical assets with experience to engage loyal fans at all levels of the brand. The latest iteration of the #34 shirt, available in both physical and digital formats, features the calendar month of October and displays a combination of beach prints and flower motifs, as well as contrasting topstitching patterns. One of Timecapsule’s key design elements is the use of upcycled fabrics from Prada’s archives, highlighting the luxury brand’s consistent emphasis on sustainability.

Prada Timecapsule NFT Drop

The Prada Timecapsule NFT collection, launched on June 2, is an evolution of the brand’s existing Timecapsule program established in December 2019. The online event takes place on the first Thursday of every month, with limited-edition items on Prada’s website, available for 24 hours only. NFT collectors will have the opportunity to enter a draw for prizes, such as tickets, as well as other unique benefits and exclusive experiences.

Through the release of these items, its first-half performance rose year-on-year. Retail sales, which account for 90 percent of total group revenue, rose 26 percent to $1.72 billion, while overall revenue rose 22 percent to $1.92 billion in the period, according to WWD. Net income nearly doubled to $191 million.

11. Louboutin Launches the First-Ever NFT Fashion with POAP

Chrisitan Louboutin, the luxury footwear group, launched its first-ever fashion NFT project in collaboration with POAP as part of its Paris Fashion Week showcase. The brand helped guests create NFT, a blockchain token, to prove their presence at special events such as concerts, openings and fashion shows. Guests can also keep it as a “badge of honor” after watching the show at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Onlookers from around the globe can redeem NFT by scanning a QR code that appears at the end of the performance.

Louboutin First-Ever NFT with POAP

POAP opens up benefits for future NFT drops and announcements. These assets have quickly become “status symbols” in the virtual luxury world, as a way to commemorate a brand’s collection and demonstrate its customer loyalty.

12. MUGLER Released the Very First Set of Digital Collectibles

The very first set of Mugler digital collectibles is a collection of 300 digital art-collectibles created by Marc Tudisco to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mugler’s “Angel” fragrance. It features futuristic meta angels, reflecting Mugler’s 30 years of exploring augmented facets of femininity since 1992. The collectibles were sold on OpenSea starting from February 7th, 2023 and were randomly allocated to buyers who also received a premium metal print of their angel. 

MUGLER Digital Collectibles

Mugler empowers everyone to forge their own identity through extraordinary and infinite metamorphosis as it believes that the real world is not enough. Before minting four available futuristic angels, users can take personality tests to find out the best fit for them. 

13. Hermès’ Timeless NFT Scarves

Hermès, the epitome of luxury and style, takes a groundbreaking step into the world of NFTs with its Timeless NFT Scarves collection. As one of the top NFT fashion projects, Hermès seamlessly merges traditional elegance with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Each NFT Scarf is a masterpiece, digitally embodying the brand’s heritage and artistic excellence. With the scarcity and authenticity inherent in NFTs, owning a Hermès Timeless NFT Scarf means possessing a unique virtual accessory that transcends trends.

Collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike can now flaunt their digital investments in virtual realms and metaverses, redefining the concept of couture for the digital age. Hermès’ foray into NFTs not only disrupts the fashion industry but also establishes a new era of exclusive, verifiable, and visually stunning wearables. Explore the fusion of timeless fashion and blockchain innovation, as Hermès continues to set the standard for luxury in both the physical and digital realms.

14. PixelGlam Universe – NFT Clothing Brand

PixelGlam Universe introduces an entirely new dimension to the NFT clothing scene by blending retro aesthetics with futuristic technology. This project celebrates the pixel art style of the past, revitalizing it for the digital age. The NFTs are not just digital NFT clothes, they are pixel art experiences that users can integrate into their online personas.

Collectors can mix and match various pixelated garments, creating a personalized virtual wardrobe that echoes the nostalgia of classic video games. The team behind this project has cleverly integrated social media sharing, encouraging users to showcase their unique ensembles. This approach not only promotes the NFTs but also fosters a sense of community among users with shared interests in gaming and fashion.

15. Punky Beasts – Distinctive Collection of 9999 NFTs

Punky Beasts constitutes an exceptional assemblage of 9999 NFTs, confidently rooted in the Polygon blockchain and graciously endorsed by Beastad.

At the heart of this assembly resides a compelling visual saga that glorifies the very spirit of fortitude embedded within imperfections. Each masterpiece within this collection unfolds a narrative of tenacity, where the calculated integration of fragmented components transforms adversity into triumph, thereby alchemizing these flaws into reservoirs of singularity and empowerment. The Punky Beasts invite you to regard their fragmented aspects not as impediments, but as distinguishing characteristics. In embracing this perspective, they ingeniously reshape barriers into strengths, celebrating the intrinsic allure that emerges from embracing one’s own idiosyncrasies.

Punky Beasts

How to Make Money with Fashion NFT Projects

You could try to create your own exclusive NFT clothing brand, but note the reality is that big companies like Nike and adidas have taken over the space. Branded NFT content produced by well-known companies may be even more valuable.

Trading exclusive clothes NFTs and hoping your assets appreciate may be a better profitable strategy. There is no guarantee that your NFT will appreciate in value, but if you get exclusive drops and wrangle a valuable NFT, you may be able to sell it for a profit. Alos, Metaverse games like the Sandbox also allow developers and creators to set royalty percentages for wearable NFTs.

NFT Fashion

Bottom Line

As it becomes more common for consumers to divide their time between the real world and the Metaverse, their demand for virtual luxury lifestyle goods is growing. The digital fashion NFT projects are starting to gain traction with major brands and high-end fashion designers. Many businesses are now using NFT projects to connect with and engage customers from around the world. Hope the cases above can provide you with some inspiration for marketing.

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