7 Augmented Reality Halloween Ideas 2023 – Halloween Ghost View in 3D

Top 7 augmented reality Halloween ideas for your inspiration. Enjoy this ghost season with amazing augmented reality Halloween ideas in 2022. Happy Halloween.

The spookiest Halloween season of 2023 has arrived. How to celebrate it in a special way? It’s usually associated with spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and horror movies. How about celebrating with augmented reality Halloween ideas? Here are the top 7 creative ways to experience this ghostly holiday with augmented reality technology. Hope they can give your Halloween 2023 a new life.

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Augmented Reality Halloween: 5 Benefits for Business & Individual

AR is now becoming increasingly popular in haunted house displays and overall Halloween experiences, breaking down the boundaries between everyday life and the digital world. Bring ghosts into your home with innovative Augmented Reality Halloween activations while driving many benefits to businesses and individuals alike.

Augmented Reality Halloween

Lift your employees’ spirits. The pandemic has caused employee morale to be at an all-time low. AR digital experiences can recreate the sense of personal connection in this spooky holiday.

Improve the customer journey with product visualization. Through immersive AR technology, consumers can enjoy engaging digital experiences that allow them to realistically preview details or virtually try on items before buying.

94% higher conversion rate. Interacting with products through AR resulted in a 94% higher conversion rate than products without AR, according to Shopify.

Stand out from competition. Gen Z is more willing than ever to try new digital tools. In a competitive market, AR campaigns can be a differentiating factor that helps brands stand out.

Increase brand awareness through UGC. Consumers are usually inclined to share their unique AR experiences on various social platforms, which greatly increases brand awareness and image.

7 Augmented Reality Halloween Ideas & Cases – Halloween View in 3D

It’s never too early to get ready for Halloween. Even before the ghostly season arrives, you can seek the best advice for making your customers characters with AR digitalization. This gives brands an opportunity to gain engagement and potential customers early and often. Here are 7 best augmented reality ghost examples for your reference. Start creating immersive experiences right now. Hope they will have a positive impact throughout the season.

AR Halloween 2022

1. Pokemon Go Fans Celebrate Halloween with AR Horror Video

Pokemon Go fans are getting into the Halloween spirit with a spooky augmented reality video featuring Galarian Mr Mime. The video itself comes with a cold VHS filter and creepy music box tunes, while showing Galarian Mr Mime a realistic path through Pokemon Go’s AR feature. You can see Mr Mime happily skipping down this remote countryside road.

AR Horror Video

The post came from Twitter user coffinviiper, and many fans praised the creative video in their responses. One fan said: “It will ask you if you bought the event ticket. If you answer wrong…”, which refers to how players need to buy tickets to attend in-person events such as Pokemon Go Fest. AR videos not only allow users to experience innovative technologies, but also promote the sales conversion rates for brands.

2. YouCam Apps Largest Halloween 2023 Collection – AR Makeup 

Perfect Corp. launched an immersive Halloween virtual try-on experience with the largest collection of virtual makeup looks and photo editing effects to date. Users of the YouCam apps can browse and play with more than 100 spooky AI and AR ghost effects. From a variety of more complex costumes than ever before to gilded gold accessories to haunting skeletal accents, you will be sure to be impressed. You can also bring makeup artist Jessica Buchanan’s signature creepy dripping skeleton look, “Eye Scream”, to life with AR try-on. By keeping up with AR future trends, users can immerse themselves in the fun of Halloween and make the spooky season come to life in the palm of their hand. 

AR Halloween
source: perfectcorp.com

The ghostly and charming collection of virtual Halloween effects also features advanced new editing tools, such as 360-degree wraparound and sky replacement (available for iOS only). The former, aimed at premium users, features creepy animations that surround users with ghosts, creating the next level of photo editing experience. There’s also a chance to win an annual premium subscription if users join YouCam’s 2023 Halloween Selfie challenges.

3. Augmented Reality Halloween Story Trail around Harrow Town Centre

Harrow will celebrate Halloween 2023 in style in the town centre via augmented reality technology. The Harrow Town Centre team posted on Facebook, “This October take part in our free, augmented reality story trail around Harrow Town Centre. Choose what happens, collect digital stamps, try on the selfie masks and reveal the creepy creatures in AR.”

Augmented Reality Story Trail

Just scan the unique OR codes on the mask locations, choose what happens in the story, virtually try the masks on, collect a series of digital stamps, see full characters in augmented reality and take hilarious selfies. You can also expand your digital journey with fun “choices” and download a free digital fun pack. If you share your AR mask photos on social media and tag @weareharrow, there will be a chance to win £25 shopping vouchers to local stores.

Here are the mask locations:

1) McDonald’s – 361 Station Road

2) Barclays UK – 355 Station Road

3) Robert Dyas – 318 Station Road

4) Ancona Italian Coffee House – 309 Station Road

5) Silver Rivet – 4 St Anns Road

6) Metro Bank UK – 1 St Anns Shopping Centre

7) British Heart Foundation Charity Shop – 57 St Anns Road

8) St Georges Shopping – St Anns Road

9) Buzz Gym London Harrow – C2 St Anns Shopping Centre

10) Sony Centre -26-28 College Road

4. Sunderland Experience App – The New Fear of the Wear Trail in AR 

From October 21 to October 31, a series of horror events and spooky entertainment will return to Sunderland in time for Halloween. Sharon Appleby, Chief Executive of Sunderland BID, said that Halloween is always popular in the city, so they decided to offer a range of digital experiences this year. 

Ghost Augmented Reality

Users can access a new Fear of the Wear trail after downloading the Sunderland Experience app. They will then see seven augmented reality Halloween figures ready to be tracked down across the city, as well as a chance to visit some scary locations and learn about their gruesome history. Visitors can also take part in the spooky cinema day on October 27 to see family-friendly movies Casper, Ghostbusters and The Addams family at The Peacock, an urban bar. Children can enter Sunderland’s Spooky Stories competition to win book vouchers and hear their stories come to life by a group of actors.

5. Chewy Released Halloween Pet Costume through AR

Pet lovers often love to dress up their canines or felines for Halloween, and Chewy made it easier for customers to choose their pet costume with AR technology. Chewy’s new Fur-tual Boutique is their first AR try-on experience, allowing dogs and cats to dress up in realistic 3D Halloween costumes in the real world.

Halloween View in 3D

Pet parents can choose from seven popular and exclusive Frisco costumes, including Killer Doll, Werewolf, Granny, Country Singer, Cowboy, Teddy, Bear and Superhero. After they upload or take photos of their pets through the platform, they can adjust the fit to find the perfect one. Users can also choose to display pet’s images on a themed Halloween background or in a native environment. This product visualization helps pet parents preview their pet’s costumes before purchasing, greatly improving the customer journey and shopping experience.

6. Halloween Kills Movie Brings Michael Myers to Life in AR

Last year, Universal Pictures and Snap Inc. promoted the new Halloween Kills movie through AR and volumetric technology. Scan the Snap code and you can unlock a 3D model of the 6ft 7in scary villain surrounded by fire. Seeing him lurking right in front of you is sure to make you nervous. The bloodthirsty psychopath will start to creep up on you and try to slash you with his trademark butcher knife. When making the film, the actor dressed as the killer was taken to Metastage, a volumetric capture studio, where they were able to record the performer’s every movement in 3D.

Halloween Kills AR
Image Credit: Snapchat Inc.

Not only can Snapchat filters bring Michael Myers to life in your living room, but you can also access more traditional AR face filters with your selfie camera, turning you into the hapless victim of the killer. Many users thought Michael Myers looked quite realistic and scary in the volumetric video. It’s also proven that Halloween ghost view in 3D have taken the holiday horror to a new level and attracted more potential users.

7. Celebrate Halloween with Snapchat Augmented Reality Filters

To get the most out of Halloween, the Snapchat video app has created multiple surprises, including full-body lenses, costumes for Bitmoji avatars, and a terrifying Snap map. With these lenses, you’ll be able to track your entire body through AR technology and transform it to change your appearance. Simply scan the code and experience virtual metamorphosis using the Werewolf Lens. Want to decorate your house but it’s out of reach? The Snap technology will transport Snapchatters to the haunted house, which is the creepiest lens of the season.

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Augmented Reality Filters

Users can choose their favorite design to dress up their Bitmoji avatars from six different proposals, including a fairy, a witch, a clown, a ballerina, an angel, a devil, and three new holiday t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring pumpkins and skeletons. You’ll also be able to see where your friends are and view their Bitmoji costumes directly on the Snap Map. A special edition can be used to plan your trick-or-treat route and control who can see your location.

Bottom Line

Augmented reality is bringing a new and innovative approach to Halloween amid the coronavirus crisis. Hope these 7 augmented reality Halloween ideas and cases will inspire you. But keep in mind that starting a Halloween campaign too early can be as harmful as launching it too late. This peak demand only exists for a short period of time, usually two or three weeks before the holiday, so seize the moment now. Millennials and Gen Z will most likely love your spooky Halloween theme in augmented reality.