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Introducing the iPad Pro M4 review: Apple’s newest titan in the realm of tablets, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with portable power. With a leap forward from its predecessor, this iteration boasts enhancements that will make your head turn and your workflow soar. But what exactly sets the M4 apart?

iPad Pro M4

Our mission? To arm you with a thorough iPad Pro M4 review, including its capabilities and a set of practical tips to guide your purchasing decision. Whether you’re a creative professional, a multitasking master, or simply crave the latest tech, this review has you covered, ensuring your next upgrade is an informed and inspired choice.

iPad Pro M4 Specifications

  • Screen: 11in or 13in Ultra Liquid Retina XDR display (264 pixels an inch)
  • Processor: Apple M4 (9/10-core CPU+10-core GPU)
  • RAM: 8 or 16GB
  • Storage: 256,512GB, 1 or 2TB
  • Operating system: iPadOS 17.5
  • Camera: 12MP wide; 12MP Centre Stage selfie
  • Connectivity: wifi 6E (optional 5G eSim-only), Bluetooth 5.3, Thunderbolt 3/USB 4
  • Dimensions: 249.7 x 177.5 x 5.3mm or 281.6 x 215.5 x 5.1mm
  • Weight: 444g (446g with 5G) or 579g (582g with 5G)
iPad Pro M4

iPad Pro M4 Review for the M4 Chip Revolution

Dive into the engine room of the new iPad Pro, where the M4 chip reigns supreme. This silicon marvel isn’t just an upgrade – it’s a revolution in tablet computing.

Performance Boosts: Speed Meets Responsiveness
Imagine opening apps at the snap of your fingers, with zero lag. The M4 chip’s enhanced CPU cores don’t just promise speed; they deliver it, making every tap and swipe feel incredibly fluid. Multitaskers, rejoice: switching between graphic-intensive apps, video editing suites, and massive spreadsheets happens seamlessly, turning your iPad Pro M4 into a productivity powerhouse.

Efficiency That Lasts: Power That Won’t Quit
Battery anxiety? Not anymore. The M4 chip sips energy, extending your iPad Pro’s life well into the late hours of work or play. It’s a smart chip too, dynamically adjusting power usage based on your tasks, ensuring that whether you’re streaming movies or crunching numbers, your device keeps up without draining fast.

M4 Chip

M4 vs. M3: A Real-World Showdown
How does the M4 fare against its older sibling, the M3? Think quantum leaps instead of baby steps. In everyday use, from juggling multiple apps simultaneously to rendering complex graphics, the M4 chip shines. Apps launch faster, games run smoother, and battery life stretches further. If you’ve ever hesitated due to performance hiccups, the M4 chip’s optimizations address those concerns head-on, making the upgrade a no-brainer for anyone seeking top-tier performance.

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Apple iPad Pro M4 Review: A Design Marvel

Apple iPad Pro M4

Intriguingly, with this ultrathin design, the Apple Pencil Pro, snapping magnetically to the side, appears thicker than the iPad itself. A clever trick lies in the design: when attaching the Pencil, it subtly lifts the tablet’s edge, nestling perfectly into place. A gentle press on the iPad sees the pencil shift minutely yet remains securely attached. The message is clear—these tablets redefine sleekness, exuding an unmatched elegance in design. Craftsmanship is impeccable, resilient to flexing or squeaks under pressure.

A notable change from prior Pro models is the repositioning of the front-facing ultra-wide camera. Formerly nestled along the shorter vertical edge, it now resides on the longer side. This strategic move significantly enhances video conferencing experiences, a perpetual quest for improvement in our connected age. Apple ingeniously integrated this alongside the magnetic charging area for the Apple Pencil, a feat of engineering prowess.

Speaking of cameras, the rear setup now features a single lens, departing from the dual-camera system of previous iterations. This new camera, however, incorporates an enhanced image signal processor and a smarter True Tone flash, optimizing resources where they matter most. Considering many users primarily leverage the camera for AR applications, this prioritization seems well-calibrated.

iPad M4 Pro Review: OLED Display – A Feast for the Eyes

Step into a world where sleek meets spectacular. Apple’s iPad Pro M4 redefines the tablet aesthetic, marrying minimalist elegance with robust functionality. This iteration touts subtle refinements to its form factor, shedding grams without sacrificing sturdiness. The chassis whispers premium with its meticulous build quality, combining durable materials with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands for hours on end.

But the real showstopper lies in the transition to OLED technology. The new display isn’t just a screen—it’s a window into unparalleled visual fidelity. With each pixel illuminating independently, blacks become deeper, colors richer, and contrast crisper. Imagine watching your favorite films as if you’re peeking through a portal to another reality, with hues so vibrant they seem to leap off the glass.

OLED Display

For creatives, this leap in display technology translates to a color-accurate canvas that breathes life into designs. Whether you’re a photographer fine-tuning skin tones or a graphic designer playing with gradients, the iPad Pro M4’s OLED panel ensures your work mirrors real-world colors with stunning precision. It’s a game-changer for digital artists who demand nothing less than perfection in their digital palette.

And let’s not forget media enthusiasts. Binge-watching sessions transform into immersive experiences, with HDR support enhancing every frame of your favorite shows. Gaming takes on a new dimension too, as fast-paced action and intricate details come through with stunning clarity, making every victory and adventure more exhilarating.

Performance & Productivity: Work & Play Like Never Before

The iPad Pro M4 isn’t just a device; it’s a portal to uncharted realms of productivity and entertainment. This section delves into how it empowers professionals and enthusiasts alike to push the limits of what’s achievable.

Performance That Powers Creativity

Imagine editing 4K videos on the go, with buttery smooth transitions and real-time effects, all without breaking a digital sweat. The M4 chip’s muscle makes video editing on the iPad Pro M4 a breeze, rivaling desktop experiences. For 3D modelers, the combination of raw power and optimized software means intricate designs come to life faster than ever, turning concepts into stunning visual realities in minutes.

Gaming enthusiasts, get ready to level up. The iPad Pro M4 doesn’t shy away from graphically intense titles, delivering seamless frame rates and stunning visuals that transport you straight into the heart of the action. It’s gaming on the go, elevated to a whole new plane of immersion.

Productivity Redefined: Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil integration reaches new heights with the iPad Pro M4, offering near-zero latency for a pen-to-paper feel that ignites creativity. Sketch, annotate, or sign documents with precision that feels uncannily natural. Pair it with the Magic Keyboard, and you’ve got a 2-in-1 powerhouse that can draft legal briefs, compose symphonies, or code the next big app, all while effortlessly switching between tasks.

Apple Pencil

Multitasking gets a major overhaul too. Slide Over, Split View, and Picture-in-Picture modes now work in harmony, allowing you to juggle multiple apps with a fluidity that keeps your workflow uninterrupted. Whether you’re comparing financial reports side by side or taking notes while attending a webinar, the iPad Pro M4’s multitasking prowess keeps you in command.

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iPad Pro M4 Review for Camera & Multimedia Experience

The new iPad Pro doesn’t just document moments – it captures them in breathtaking brilliance, elevating your multimedia experience to new artistic heights.

Camera Upgrades: Seeing the Difference

With a revamped camera system, every snap comes alive with exceptional clarity. Improved image sensors ensure photos burst with color and detail, even in tricky low-light situations. Say goodbye to grainy night shots; the M4’s camera excels at preserving the mood without sacrificing sharpness.

iPad Pro M4 Camera

Video enthusiasts will revel in the enhanced video capabilities. 4K recording at buttery smooth frame rates transforms casual clips into cinematic masterpieces. Whether you’re vlogging in dynamic environments or capturing family memories, expect professional-grade footage without lugging around heavy equipment.

Content Creators’ Dream Machine

For photographers, the iPad Pro M4 review is a mobile studio, offering precise control over depth of field, focus, and exposure. Edit your shots instantly with the power of the M4 chip, turning raw captures into polished works of art on the spot.

Videographers gain a versatile storytelling tool, thanks to advanced video stabilization and improved audio capture. Combined with the large OLED display, framing scenes and reviewing footage feels incredibly intuitive, making on-the-fly adjustments a breeze.

Moreover, the iPad Pro M4’s camera enhancements extend beyond stills and video. Scanning documents, creating AR experiences, or even joining video calls—the camera system excels, ensuring you look and sound your best in every virtual interaction.

Battery Life & Charging Efficiency: Power That Lasts Through Your Day

Stay unplugged longer with the iPad Pro M4’s optimized battery life, designed to fuel your creativity and productivity from dawn till dusk.

All-Day Endurance Tested

In rigorous battery tests simulating real-world usage, the iPad Pro M4 consistently impresses. Whether you’re streaming HD videos back-to-back, engaging in intense gaming sessions, or diving into work projects, the device sips power intelligently. Expect a full day’s worth of juice for most users, ensuring your ideas keep flowing without the need for a midday recharge.

Battery Life

Charging Innovations Unboxed

Apple hasn’t just focused on capacity; they’ve revolutionized charging convenience too. The iPad Pro M4 introduces rapid charging capabilities, turning short breaks into significant power boosts. In practical terms, a quick coffee break can translate to hours of additional use, perfect for those always on the move.

Additionally, explore the ecosystem of compatible chargers and accessories that enhance your charging experience. Wireless charging compatibility, though limited to accessories, paves the way for a truly cable-free future. And with potential updates in charging technology, the iPad Pro M4 stays ahead of the curve, ready for any advancements that promise even greater efficiency.

Ultimately, the iPad Pro M4’s battery life and charging enhancements prioritize user freedom, allowing you to think less about the charger and more about what matters most—your creative flow and daily adventures. Stay powered up, stay inspired, and never let a low battery slow you down again.

iPad Pro 11 Inch M4 Review VS. 13 Inch: Which Size Suits You?

In the battle of compact versus expansive, which iPad Pro M4 reigns supreme? Dive into the world of 11-inch and 13-inch to find your ideal match.

iPad Pro 11 Inch VS. 13 Inch

Portability vs. Immersion

The iPad Pro 11 inch is a portable powerhouse, slipping easily into bags and fitting comfortably in one hand. It’s the ultimate companion for commuters and travelers who prize lightness without compromising performance.

On the flip side, the larger 13-inch iPad Pro M4 commands attention with its expansive screen, inviting you into a world of immersive viewing and working. Ideal for digital artists, movie enthusiasts, and multitaskers, it offers a canvas that feels limitless, enhancing productivity and entertainment alike.

Screen Real Estate Matters

For those whose work demands intricate detail or simultaneous app usage, the larger model’s extra screen space is a game-changer. Spreadsheets, design tools, and editing software thrive on the broader canvas, reducing the need for constant zooming and scrolling.

Conversely, the 11-inch iPad Pro M4’s compactness makes it nimble for note-taking during meetings or quick sketching on the go, proving that sometimes, less screen can mean more agility.

Target Audience Breakdown

Creative nomads and students might lean towards the 11-inch for its balance of power and portability. Meanwhile, professionals in graphic design, video editing, or architects may prefer the larger 13-inch iPad Pro for its expansive workspace that accommodates complex projects effortlessly.

Your Decision-Making Blueprint

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need a tablet that travels light, or one that doubles as a desktop replacement?
  • How important is screen size for my daily tasks and hobbies?
  • Am I frequently on the move or mostly stationary during use?

By weighing portability, screen requirements, and your unique needs, the choice between the sleek 11-inch and the larger 13-inch model becomes clearer. Ultimately, the perfect iPad Pro M4 is the one that harmoniously integrates with your lifestyle and enhances your digital adventures.

Apple iPad Pro M4 – Pros & Cons

The iPad Pro M4 presents a compelling package of cutting-edge technology and design refinements, catering to the needs of professionals and creatives who demand the best. However, its premium features come with a premium price tag and may require compromises on accessory costs and camera versatility. Users must weigh these pros and cons against their specific requirements and budget to determine if the iPad Pro M4 is the right fit.

  • Unmatched Performance: The M4 chip, built on second-generation 3nm technology, delivers unprecedented processing power, making it a top-performer for heavy-duty tasks, gaming, and AI computations.
  • Stunning OLED Display: The introduction of OLED technology provides a visually rich experience with improved color accuracy, deep blacks, and incredible brightness, enhancing media consumption and creative workflows.
  • Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Design: At just 5.1mm for the 13-inch and 5.3mm for the 11-inch, these are Apple’s thinnest iPads yet, offering an exceptionally sleek profile without compromising build quality.
  • Enhanced Apple Pencil Integration: The Apple Pencil Pro’s magnetic attachment and subtle lift mechanism showcase thoughtful design, improving usability and convenience for digital artists and note-takers.
  • Improved Camera Setup: Rearranged front-facing camera placement and a smarter single-lens rear camera system cater to the growing demand for high-quality video conferencing and AR experiences.
  • Efficient Multitasking and Productivity: Advanced multitasking features and compatibility with accessories like the Magic Keyboard turn the iPad Pro M4 into a versatile workstation for professionals.
  • Premium Price Point: Starting at £999/$999, the iPad Pro M4 is a significant investment, potentially pricing out casual users or those on a tighter budget.
  • Reduced Camera Array: The switch to a single rear camera may disappoint photography enthusiasts who benefited from the dual-camera setup in previous models for added versatility in photography.
  • Potential Accessories Cost: To fully unlock the iPad Pro M4’s potential, additional purchases such as the Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard can significantly increase the total cost of ownership.

Pricing Insights for the iPad Pro M4

Diving into the financials, the iPad Pro M4’s price tag reflects its position as a premium device packed with cutting-edge technology.

The iPad Pro M4 starts at £999 (€1,119 / $999 / AU$1,699) for the 11-inch version, while the 13-inch model (with 256GB storage) begins at £1,299 (€1,549 / $1,299 / AU$2,199). The 5G variant carries an additional cost of £100 (€250 / $100 / AU$350). Nano-texture glass, available only on 1TB or 2TB models, adds another £100 (€130 / $100 / AU$180) to the price.

In comparison, the 10th-generation iPad is priced at £349, the M2 iPad Air at £599, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 at £799. The M3 MacBook Air, on the other hand, starts at £1,099.

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It’s crucial to note that while the upfront cost may seem steep, factoring in the long-term value, performance enhancements, and potential savings through trade-in programs can soften the blow. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and special discounts from authorized resellers, which can make the M4 even more accessible.

Remember, the cost extends beyond the device itself. Factor in desired accessories like the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, which add to the overall expenditure but significantly elevate your productivity and creativity suite.

When considering the price, weigh it against your expected usage and the benefits it brings. For those who rely on their tablet for work or intensive creative projects, the iPad Pro M4’s top-tier performance and advanced features could easily justify the investment, translating into increased efficiency and output quality.

In sum, the iPad Pro M4’s pricing situates it firmly in the realm of premium tablets, demanding careful consideration of one’s budget and needs. By assessing its comprehensive value proposition and being strategic with purchases, you can make a wise investment in a device built to future-proof your digital endeavors.

Buying Tips & Common Considerations for iPad Pro M4 Review

Sealing the deal on your iPad Pro M4 requires savvy strategies. Here’s how to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and making an informed purchase.

iPad Pro M4

Compare Prices and Find the Sweetest Deals

Warranty Wisdom

Protect your investment by understanding warranty coverage. AppleCare+ extends your protection with accidental damage coverage, a worthy consideration for peace of mind. Research if retailers offer additional warranty packages that could complement Apple’s offerings.

Trade-In Triumphs

Essential Accessory Arsenal

To unlock the iPad Pro M4’s full potential, consider key accessories: the Apple Pencil for digital artists, the Magic Keyboard for typists, and a reliable case for protection. Investing in quality accessories upfront enhances your experience and protects your device long-term.

Assess Your Needs First

Before diving in, reflect on why you want the iPad Pro M4. Is it for work productivity, creative pursuits, or casual browsing? Understanding your exact needs ensures you’re not just buying for the sake of having the latest gadget but because it genuinely aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

14 FAQs About the Apple iPad Pro M4

Q: What are the key upgrades in the Apple iPad Pro M4 compared to its predecessor?
A: The iPad Pro M4 introduces several key upgrades, including the powerful new M4 chip, which delivers up to 50% faster CPU performance. It also sports an advanced OLED display for richer colors and deeper blacks, enhanced AI capabilities, and an improved camera system. The design is now even thinner and more lightweight, with better integration for the Apple Pencil Pro.

Q: How thin is the new iPad Pro M4?
A: The 13-inch model measures just 5.1mm thick, while the 11-inch model is 5.3mm thick, making them Apple’s thinnest iPads to date.

Q: Does the iPad Pro M4 support 5G connectivity?
A: Yes, the iPad Pro M4 offers 5G variants, but they come at an additional cost compared to the Wi-Fi-only models.

Q: What is the starting price of the iPad Pro M4?
A: The 11-inch model starts at £999/€1,119/$999/AU$1,699, while the 13-inch model with 256GB storage begins at £1,299/€1,549/$1,299/AU$2,199.

Q: Is there a difference in camera setup between the iPad Pro M4 and the previous generation?
A: Yes, the iPad Pro M4 has a rearranged front-facing camera now located on the longer side, which improves video conferencing experiences. It also features a single rear camera with enhanced capabilities, unlike the dual-camera system in some previous models.

Q: Can I get the nano-texture glass option on all iPad Pro M4 models?
A: The nano-texture glass option, which reduces glare, is only available on 1TB or 2TB storage models and comes at an extra charge.

Q: How does the Apple Pencil Pro integrate with the iPad Pro M4?
A: The Apple Pencil Pro magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad Pro M4 and slightly lifts the tablet’s edge when connected, providing a more stable writing or drawing surface.

Q: Are there any new charging technologies introduced with the iPad Pro M4?
A: While specifics on new charging tech aren’t detailed, the M4 supports rapid charging, allowing for quick power boosts during short periods of downtime.

Q: Is the iPad Pro M4 suitable for heavy creative workloads and multitasking?
A: Absolutely. The combination of the M4 chip, ample RAM, and advanced multitasking features make it a powerhouse for creative professionals and heavy multitaskers.

Q: How does the iPad Pro M4 compare to the M2 iPad Air or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in terms of price and features?
A: The iPad Pro M4 is positioned as a premium offering with a higher starting price, reflecting its superior performance, advanced display, and professional-grade features. It commands a premium over the M2 iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, which are more affordable alternatives with somewhat scaled-down specifications.

Q: What is the Ultra Retina XDR display on the iPad Pro M4, and how does it differ from previous generations?
A: The Ultra Retina XDR display is a cutting-edge OLED technology featuring a dual-layer design (Tandem OLED), which allows for unprecedented brightness levels up to 1600 nits in HDR mode. This innovation provides richer colors, deeper blacks, and enhanced contrast compared to traditional LCD panels found in earlier iPad models. The pixel-by-pixel lighting control enables superior dynamic range and energy efficiency.

Q: Why might the iPad Pro M4’s OLED display be susceptible to image retention or burn-in, and what measures has Apple taken to mitigate this issue?
A: OLED displays, due to their organic nature, can experience image retention or burn-in over extended use, particularly when displaying static, high-contrast images at maximum brightness. Apple has implemented industry-leading anti-burn-in technology, including pixel-shifting algorithms and automatic brightness adjustment for individual pixels, to minimize this effect and ensure a consistent viewing experience over time.

Q: How does the M4 chip enhance the iPad Pro’s capabilities for AI and creative tasks?
A: With 280 billion transistors, the M4 chip offers substantial improvements in AI processing, graphics rendering, and general compute tasks. For creatives, this translates to real-time video editing, faster 3D modeling, and seamless AR experiences. The M4’s neural engine significantly accelerates machine learning applications, enabling features like advanced photo and video analysis, voice recognition, and predictive text.

Q: What are the latest updates to the Apple Pencil and Smart Folio accessories for the iPad Pro M4?
A: The Apple Pencil Pro now integrates more seamlessly with the iPad Pro M4, thanks to refined magnetic attachment points and improved latency for a more natural writing and drawing experience. Meanwhile, the Smart Folio has been upgraded with enhanced internal magnets that allow for a broader range of viewing angles, making it more versatile for different usage scenarios.

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